“I’ve Cleaned the Whole House, Now What?” Your Social Media Needs a Clean Too!

This time of year is typically exciting and filled with the vibe that spring is here, and summer is coming! We usually see people posting their beach and hiking trips, or sharing the upcoming concert they’re heading to. But across the country we are seeing some changes from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we may have adapted to life at home by now, you still might not love this “new normal”. You are spending more time at home, which means pajamas and slippers are your new wardrobe. You feel like you’ve cleaned every square inch of every room in your house and even your car is shiny new – now you aren’t sure what to do next!

Well spring cleaning may have multiple meanings, but it is typically associated with sweeping out the old and welcoming the new! This doesn’t just go for your home or car – your social media needs a clean too! There are so many small changes you can integrate on your social platforms that can make a huge difference in your audience interaction and engagement. Implementing these key steps might be the difference between simply scrolling through your feed while you’re lounging on the couch, or actively engaging with your followers and gaining more views. Grab a notebook and pen to save these 5 key steps to a cleaner, more organized social image!

1. Google your business

This may seem like common sense, but it’s important to see your business the way your customers see you! Opening Google in an “incognito tab” is crucial for your search. Being in “incognito” mode allows you to see your business the way customers do. It essentially wipes your search history and patterns and gives you an accurate representation of your search. Once you have your company up, the most important thing to look at is consistency across all social platforms. Is your company’s name listed the same on LinkedIn and Facebook? Does your twitter handle vary from your Instagram? Keeping a consistent brand identity is crucial to establish trust and credibility. If your business name is listed as Sally’s Bar + Grill on Facebook, but shows up as “Sally’s Bar” on Instagram then you may be missing out on a large chunk of followers or potential customers. 

2. Fill out your entire bio

Having a somewhat empty bio looks unprofessional (and lazy) to potential followers and customers. Not only are you wasting valuable space, but your followers might not get the right idea about who you are as a company. Make sure your information listed is correct and updated – accessibility is crucial to ensure more traffic to your profile or site. Social media is basically free advertising, so use that real estate right!

3. Solidify your style

While you might have given thought as to how to obtain more followers and customers, you might not know why your followers actually follow you. Your brand identity is not only shown through your logo or bio, but it is created through your brand’s story. The way you edit your photos, the language you use in your posts, and your overall “theme” will help or hurt your social following. Your feed should create a story that your followers are eager to see what chapter comes next!

4. Plan your posts

You might not think your social media is something to add to your planner. But this is another step to creating that brand identity and following! By using a social planner you are able to plan and schedule your posts, write captions, and see analytics for your account. A few platforms to try out are Planology, Later, Sprout Social, and VSCO. While scheduling your posts and pictures, make sure to stay unique and true to your brand. Making a planner keeps that theme in front and focused, rather than reactive and randomized. 

5. Engage, Engage, Engage!

This free time is a blessing for your social media! You can use this time to actually engage with your audience and following and will ultimately create a community. People want to feel a part of something. They want to be heard and acknowledged. A couple key things you can do to engage your following is to ask questions and have them comment or tag other accounts on your posts. Engagement is key to creating a larger following and establishing your online community. Remember – it takes a village! 

Although the outside world is crazy, and you might be going crazy from not leaving the house for two months, your social presence is even more important now than before! Creating a clean feed and maintaining your social image across all platforms takes some work – but small steps will lead you to a goal. 

Make sure to look up your company to look at your brand the way your customers and followers do. Use these social platforms for free advertising and create a bio that explains exactly who you are. Find your style and share your brand’s story with your followers! With all the free time you have right now, make a planner and prepare thought out and strategic posts that will keep your brand identity unique and true. And finally, always engage! Our local communities might seem disrupted, but our social community is growing more now than ever. The most important advice is to simply have fun!


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